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Rolly, father-in-law, and close friend of Beantown founder Steve Sapir, only vapes cinnamon e-liquids, and commissioned the creation of this flavor.  Rolly has vaped just about every cinnamon eliquid under the sun, and even assisted in the development process with Steve.

An incredibly accurate frosted cinnamon bun vape, Cinnarolly presents a perfectly balanced blend of bakery style cinnamon, sweet, thick icing, and warm, baked dough:  Cinnarolly is a gooey, sticky masterpiece, for certain.


Another complex vape from Beantown, Oh-Face focuses on delicious cream and ripe strawberries, but adds notes of many other flavors to keep you interested.  Some say strawberry smoothie, others say strawberry pastry, but all say “Oh my this is awesome”.  Show us your Oh-Face.

Soul Custardy

With all the eliquid makers releasing cereals and yogurts lately, Beantown Vapor decided to take a different direction and revive a popular classic.

Soul Custardy is a smooth, creamy blend of classic custard notes that coat your mouth, yet don’t display any “eggy” flavor.  The similarities to other custard ejuices end there, as it adds hints of Tennnessee whiskey, savory graham cracker crumbles, a healthy sprinkling of brown sugar, and a light butterscotch finish that comes through on the exhale.  Every note is apparent regardless of how hot or cool you choose to vape it, and while Soul Custardy is creamy and smooth, it manages to satisfy without being too rich, making it very much an all-day-vape.


PG/VG Ratio:  25% PG / 75% VG

Bottle Sizes:  60ml

Bottle Type:  Glass with Child-resistant Dropper Cap

For tier pricing please call 515-633-0004

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