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Fresh Farms 60ml


Barnyard Berry

The taste of freshly picked blueberries washes over your taste buds causing them to go into a frenzy from how yummy the taste is. As you exhale, the sweetness of the sugar coated blueberries covers your taste buds, kicking your sweet tooth to the curb.

Morning Melon

On the inhale a burst of that rejuvenating watermelon vape flavor will concur your pallet. Your taste buds will surrender with ease to this arousing flavor. This dictatorship won’t last long as a juicy honeydew flavor frolics across, On the exhale these tastes combine in harmony and create a perfected ending.

Strawberry Farm Cake

Your Grandma’s famous strawberry short cake is going to have some competition with this marvelous flavor. Consisting of a dense and fulfilling golden crust topped off with slices of perfectly ripe strawberries this is perfect for the dessert lovers. It will dazzle your taste buds with all of it’s savory goodness and satisfy your sweet tooth to no end.

Sour Chew

A delicious blend of sour apple and grape that will make tour last buds tingle with excitement! Their unique mix of sour and sweet created a tantalizing, candy-like experience that you won’t be able to put down.

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