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Blueberries are refreshing. Anybody who says otherwise doesn’t understand the concept of refreshment. The blueberries used in Legendairy: Bluenami have to meet certain refreshing prerequisites before we use them: they’ve got to be sweet, free of bitterness, and as refreshing as a late summer breeze. Combine that with hints of vanilla and waffle cone, and you’ve got one of the most invigorating flavors we’ve ever made.

Primary Flavors:  Blueberry, Ice Cream, Pastry, Vanilla



Somebody once dared us to make a flavor just like peppermint ice cream. “Like a big bowl of it,” they said, “and with that hard candy taste at the end of it.” Well, the challenge was accepted, and the result was this: a cool and creamy peppermint flavor with vanilla and candy notes. Legendairy: Heifermint: Made on a dare, legendary by design.

Primary Flavors:  Peppermint, Ice Cream, Candy, Vanilla


Melon Bawler

In a wide field of melon flavor offerings, how does Legendairy: Melon Bawler manage to stand above the others? Two words: superior flavors. With Legendairy: Melon Bawler, we opted for the strong and sweet qualities of honeydew melon and added hints of ice cream and vanilla to up the smoothness factor. Simple and straightforward, this whipped and creamy flavor stands out simply because quality has to.  

Primary Flavors:  Honeydew Melon, Ice Cream, Vanilla



PG/VG Ratio:  30% PG / 70% VG

Bottle Sizes:  60ml

Bottle Type:  Glass with Child-Resistant Dropper Cap

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