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Berry Milky E-Juice Overview

Introducing MIlky's third installment to a growing line of decadent cereal vapes, the highly anticipated Berry Milky e-liquid. Berry Milky vape juice is a master-crafted combination of Milky’s signature “creamy and silky-smooth” milk base with an assortment of crunchy mixed-berries. Upon first vape, velvety-smooth notes of creamy whole-milk satisfy the tastebuds in a lightly sugared and dulcified fashion. Crunchy, sweet berry undertones compliment the creamy fruit mixture during the exhale, expertly weaving two magical flavors together for an easy-to-love cereal vape that only gets better as time goes on!

Primary Flavors: Cereal, Berry, Milk

PG/VG Ratio: 20/80

Milky Flakes E-Juice Overview

Milky is well known for their phenomenal mixtures of breakfast e-liquids, so it comes as no surprise that their latest Milky Flakes vape juice is exactly what you’re hoping for. Milky Flakes provides a familiar and lightly sugared flavor, delivering soothing tones of crunchy flakiness that’s been drenched in a creamy bath of mellifluous whole-milk. This rewarding cereal vape nails the classical breakfast-favorite flavor on head, supplying a perfect dose of sugary corn flakes that you must try to believe! If you enjoy more fruity and milky e-juice, be sure to check out Berry Milky as well as Milky Rings for that delicious fruity cereal vape flavor!

Primary Flavors: Cereal, Vanilla, Milk 

PG/VG Ratio: 20/80

Milky Rings E-Juice Overview

What’s better than experiencing those nostalgic Saturday morning cartoons? How about a bowl of your favorite cereal topped with cold and delicious whole milk whenever you want? From the vape juice manufacturer that has “Milky” in their very name comes a new and refreshing take on a flavorsome cereal flavor that’s done right. Milky Rings e-liquid captures that Saturday morning nostalgia, supplying wholesome notes of your favorite crunchy fruit cereal with delicious undertones of silky smooth and creamy milk.

Primary Flavors: Cereal, Fruit, Milk

PG/VG Ratio: 20/80

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